Auto Override Patron Hold Events 2.3

This feature is available in Evergreen version 2.3.


In previous versions of Evergreen, you can  assign patrons a permission that enables them to manually override a failed hold.   In version 2.3, when a patron places a hold in the OPAC that fails, and the patron has the permission to override the failed hold, a new org unit setting automatically overrides the failed hold rather than requiring the patron to manually override the hold.


In version 2.3, a new org unit setting exists so that the hold override occurs automatically, and the patron does not have to choose to override it. To enable this org unit setting:

1) Click AdminLocal AdministrationLibrary Settings Editor.

2) Scroll or search to find Auto-Override Permitted Hold Blocks (Patrons).

3) Set the value to True.

Use Case

A patron has placed a hold in the OPAC on a title that he has currently checked out. The patron permission group contains the permission, HOLD_ITEM_CHECKED_OUT.override.  In versions prior to 2.3, the following hold failure message appears, and the patron must click Submit to override the hold.


In version 2.3, with the appropriate org unit setting enabled, the hold success message appears automatically, and the patron is not required to take further action.


Author: Sally Fortin, Equinox Software

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