Display Hold Types on Pull Lists 2.3

This feature will be available in Evergreen version 2.3.

This feature ensures that the hold type can be displayed on all hold interfaces.

You will find the following changes to the hold type indicator:

1) The hold type indicator will display by default on all XUL-based hold interfaces. XUL-based hold interfaces are those that number the items on the interface. This can be overridden by saving column configurations that remove the column, Type.

2) The hold type indicator will display by default on the HTML-based pull list. To access, click CirculationPull List for Hold RequestsPrint Full Pull List (Alternate Strategy).

3) The hold type indicator can be added to the Simplified Pull List. To access, click Circulation* → Pull List for Hold RequestsSimplified Pull List Interface.

To add the hold type indicator to the simplified pull list, click Simplified Pull List Interface, and right click on any of the column headers. The Column Picker appears in a pop up window. Click the box adjacent to Hold Type, and click Save. The Simplified Pull List Interface will now include the hold type each time that you log into the staff client.


Author: Sally Fortin, Equinox Software

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